Avortement et menace d'avortement

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Organigramme caractérisation d'une grossesse intrautérine

Organigramme ectopique

Beta hCG Doubling Time Calculator (avec valeurs selon nombre semaines)

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The discriminatory β-hCG level used at different institutions varies, although 1,500 to 2,000 mIU per mL (1,500 to 2,000 IU per L) is typical. It also depends on sonographer experience and patient characteristics, such as body habitus and the presence of significant abdominal bleeding or fibroids.14–16 In general, as the β-hCG level increases, the specificity of ultrasonography for detecting a viable intrauterine pregnancy also increases. Use of the β-hCG discriminatory level is not perfect, however, because cases of viable intrauterine pregnancy not detected by ultrasonography have been reported with β-hCG levels up to 4,300 mIU per mL (4,300 IU per L).

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Although a single very low serum level (< 100 IU/L) has been felt to be reassuring, in a review of 716 admitted patients with ectopic pregnancy, 29% of those with such a level were found to have tubal rupture at laparoscopy. The risk of tubal rupture was similar across a wide range of β-hCG values. 

Another study identified 38 instances of rupture among women with serum levels ranging from 10 to 189 720 IU/L.7 Thus, a single serum β-hCG measurement cannot exclude ectopic pregnancy or predict the risk of rupture unless it is less than 5 IU/L

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Hyperémèse gravidique

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