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Foire aux questions : jalons et APC, Collège Royal des médecins et chirurgiens du Canada

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Évaluation résidents MU5 Compétences par Conception (CPC)

Voici de précieux outils pour se remémorer l’évaluation des résidents MU5 (R1 et futurs R1 de juillet 2019) avec les fameuses APC: 3 capsules de courte durée, dont la dernière porte sur l’évaluation avec le e-portfolio.


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Raisonnement clinique

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In this study, several characteristics in data collection and interpretation predicted diagnostic accuracy beyond the accumulated years of practice, among which the most important were the collection of key information, the evaluation of relevant diagnostic hypotheses and the generation of the correct diagnosis within the first 10 questions asked during the encounter. This highlights the crucial importance of an early evaluation of relevant diagnostic hypotheses during the workup to diagnose successfully a case, as it drives the subsequent collection of relevant information

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Supervision et Évaluations des étudiants

Taxonomie de Bloom révisée (Anderson et al.), WikiTEDia

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Conclusions and Relevance: Increased direct attending physician supervision did not significantly reduce the medical error rate. In designing morning work rounds, residency programs should reconsider their balance of patient safety, learning needs, and resident autonomy.